Friday, 21 April 2017

Update on Pregnancy Journey

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today's blog, apologize I've been m.i.a the last few weeks, been very busy getting ready for Kiara to be born. I exercised about until I was half way through my last week of pregnancy, Iv gotten really tired since I've been enjoying some R&R at home, and occasionally going for walks. Kiara is still healthy, she should be here in no time. Currently, I'm 39 Weeks and 7 days. Tomorrow is my due date, I have had progress in the transition to giving birth, I'm 2-3 cm dilated so that 7-8 to go! How exciting! 

I've gotten everything put together and ready, car seat in the car, baby bag, and my bag packed for the hospital. Now I have to prepare to be mentally prepared for the baby. One thing this pregnancy thought me is that family is very special part of my life and is an incredible blessing to have. I thank everyone who has supported me along the way of this pregnancy. 

Comment, Like, share, contact me at my social media pages if you'd like. Would love to answer any questions for newly expecting mothers. The journey of pregnancy is coming to the end for me, and I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have or comments. I look forward to talking with you next time.

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