Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Joy of having a little girl

Waking up to a morning cup of joe and holding my baby girl is the best feeling a mother can have. Motherhood is more than caring for your child, it's about enjoying the little moments throughout your child's life and making memories to last forever. I do believe entering into motherhood has changed the way I look at life. I look at life in a more meaningful way and recognize and reflect all the special moments. Raising a child is the best feeling in the world, knowing you're their parents and brought them into this beautiful world to care and love them. 

It's been 1 week, 2 days since Kiara was born, she is very loved by her parents and family members. My family and my husband family supported us the whole way of growing our baby girl to now when kiara is growing in this beautiful world. We will guide her in the direction to love, respect others and be knowledgeable of what's right and wrong, good and bad.

I am looking forward to the next few Months/Years raising our little girl and seeing her develop an amazing personality and see how she shines our personalities. She might be more like me or her dad, we'll have to find out. 

In the last week, she has changed so much, getting more strength in her neck, growing in length and getting into a routine of Sleep, eating, getting her diaper changed and having a bath. Since the weather has been rainy, we only took her outside in the trails for one walk.

How are we doing? Great, just a less sleep. We are enjoying every moment of having our little girl in our life. She truly is an amazing and adorable little one. She will be attending her first wedding for a family member at 1 month old.

Hows Kiara doing? Amazing, sleeping soundly and content with being in this world. She is fussy at bathtime and when she is asking for food. It all works out in the end.

She truly is a bundle of joy.

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