Monday, 30 January 2017

Life Update

Hello Everyone,

Happy Week! Hope everyone is having a great Monday. This will be a short blog about updates in my life.

Right now I'm 28 Weeks (Third Trimester), getting more and more excited about the baby being born and all the excitement that will come with that. I will be having my own baby shower in march which I cannot wait for, and then in march and April getting all the remainder essentials for the baby girl. We have no yet decided on a name for our lovely girl just yet, between a few names right now. As of for cravings during my pregnancy, I don't have anything in particular, I just always want to be eating.

Iv been baking/cooking this month, which was one of my 2017 resolutions, to bake and cook more and learn different foods. I made salmon patties, turned out amazing, and made home made gronola bars with dried cranberries and chocolate chips in them, turned out fanstatic, definitly going to make those again! Any fun, creative food or desserts you have made before and loved, let me know in the comments section or through my social media pages by message.

For Career wise, I'm currently working as a bakery clerk, and frequently looking for work elsewhere in administration and customer service, I will be going to school for nutrition, at the moment the time is not right.

Hope everyone is enjoying my post, any request on what to post, I'm open to it. Again my interest involve around baking, organizing, cooking and interior decor. I'm also interested in being a nutritionist. As well I'm in the process of becoming a mom! How exciting.

Talk to you soon.

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