Monday, 6 February 2017

Favorite Foods for every meal of the day

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Delicious Favorite Food are the following:

Breakfast #1:

Egg & Avocado Sandwich  

  • Hard Boiled eggs, Avocado, Pesto Sauce, seasoned with Paprika and Pepper on Whole Wheat toast.  Sometimes add Spinach.
  • One Avocado usually makes two sandwiches.

Breakfast #2

Pancakes with Fruit and Maple Syrup

  • Home made batter - Flour, Eggs, Milk, Baking powder.
  • Melt frozen strawberries, Blueberries, Brown sugar and a little water in a sauce pan.
  • Flip Pancakes to golden brown texture, serve with Berry sauce and Maple syrup of your choice
  • Instead of using a berry sauce, you can add fresh barriers of any kind to your pancake. or try both styles.


Morning Snack #1 

Home Made Granola bar

  • Recipe Here
  • Easy process and not a lot of ingredients used.
  • you can add any type of fruit, nut of your choice to your granola bars. (Mine is made with Dried cranberries and milk chocolate chips)
  • They kept in the fridge for a week in a sealed container.


 Morning Snack #2 

Yogurt with Blend

  • Plan or Vanilla Yogurt with added Granola (bought at Bulk-Barn).
  • Added Fresh Fruit of any kind - Strawberries, peaches, blueberries, cherries, banana. Etc..
  • Added Flax, Hemp, Chia Seeds, sunflower seeds.
  • Added Some kind of nut - walnut, almond, pecan.
  • Sometimes I add dried cranberries and chocolate chips.

Lunch #1

Vegetable Grilled Cheese

  • White Cheese, Onion, bell peppers, butter on bread and put on a sauce pan and heat until ready.
  • Served with ketchup.

Lunch #2

Vegetable Sandwich

  • Tomato, cucumber, spinach, Avocado and fried egg on whole wheat toast with pesto sauce.

Pictures above are my sandwich

Afternoon Snack - Dark Chocolate, Banana or Fruit.

Dinner #1 Potato with Meatloaf and Carrots
  • Baked Yellow Potato
  • Home made Meatloaf - Hamburger, dried breadcrumbs, ketchup & Mustard, Egg, Milk, salt and pepper for seasoning.
Dinner #2 Roast Beef with Potato, Yorkshire and Green Pees.
  • Roast your roast in oven
  • Cut up potato in two small pieces or have them mashed with gravy. 
  • Green pees or another vegetable of your liking,
  • Yorkshire pudding made in Muffin cups.
Dessert  #1 Cherry Cheese Cake
  • Can be non baked or baked, which ever you desire.
  • Cherry, Strawberry and blueberries are amazing cheese cakes.
Dessert #2 Brownie Cups with Ice cream and Raspberries
  • Make the brownie batter, pour in to muffin cups, put a muffin pan on top of other pan and bake.
  • When they are ready, put a scoop of your favorite ice cream and raspberries or any other fruit.

Those were some of my favorite meals and Desserts to make and they are amazingly delicious!
Give them a try, Any questions on recipes I use for the below food items, message or comment and ill get back to you!

Thanks for reading my blog today. Any blog writing suggestions, let me know in the comments.

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Apple with Granola and Chocolate

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