Thursday, 26 January 2017

My New Years Resolutions

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing awesome on this spectacular winter day. Some may have more snow than others, but enjoy while it's here for a few more months. I've been really lucky where I live, a few snow storms and mostly cloudy with showers, it was like an England winter so far.

April is on its way! warm temperatures and ready to start heading out for walks again! with my new born this time.

New Years and Christmas just passed, was excellent, 2016 was a great year of growing of knowledge I wanted to gather. As well I got into baking, which I love now! My new Years resolution for 2016 was to learn new things - skills, knowledge, french language and learn how to bake and cook.

This year 2017, My New Years resolution is to keep in touch with family and friends, and build stronger relationships and make time for them to be in my life, I believe that is very important in life, to be with the people you truly care about. Another 2017 New Years resolution is to increase my health by exercising, eating a healthy diet, and exercising my mind with board games, puzzles, reading.ext and continue to learn new things.

I also want to work towards pursuing my dream career in nutrition, and apply myself to schooling, knowledge and educate myself with everyone needed to be in nutrition. Lastly, I want to get better at saving financially, budget and save money, I don't have a goal of how much I want to save, just want to start saving and be proud I can. It is very difficult to save because of the price tag on everything, it will be a challenge, although I'm up for it.

I'll be raising my daughter for 8 months of 2017, That will be exciting, a challenge and a blessing for my husband and I. I'm looking forward to all the opportunity and excitement of 2017 has to bring with friends, family, education, career development and enjoying a healthy lifestyle!

Let me know your NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! and how excited you are for 2017.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who can't change their mind can't change anything.

Healthy Mindset = Healthy Mind.

Hope you enjoyed todays blog, talk to you soon! Comment your blog/Vlog, if you'd like me to have a look and being a viewer.

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