Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Kids Book Review

Hey Everyone, Welcome to todays blog.

Iv been reading and listening to a few kids books latterly on my Over Drive app on my phone using my public library card to access all the e-books and audio books that the library has to offer. The library is an awesome place to take advantage of and take your kids to, they have so many activities and self help as well for all ages.

Some books iv read already are the following:
  • What pet should I get? by Dr. Seuss.
  • Pete the Cat and the missing cupcake by James Dean
  • Five Little Pumkins by James Dean
  • Frog and Toad Audio Collections by Arnold Lobel
  • Pajama Day by Jane O'connor.
  • I'll wait, Mr Panda by Stece Antony.
Currently reading Bedtime stories book by Richard Scary. This book is several stories. 
By far my favorite books are What pet should I get?, Pajama Day and Bedtime stories. I love those books because each one had a learning message in the book and I believe that's very important for kids to hear. educational books are very good to read to kids, especially pictures books, that way the child can have an imagination and understand the story more.

Some Books I'm going to read this week and next are the following, if anyone wants a book review on them, comment below. I'm unsure on my audience for my blog, if you could comment or reach out to me on social media, please do. Would love to read your blogs as well, send me your blog link and I'd be happy to read your blogs!

  • Pete the Cat and the surprised teacher by James Dean
  • Treat by Mary Sullivan
  • Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard
  • Mr. Cookie Baker by Monica Wellington
  • Chicka Chicka 1,2,3 by Bill Martin.
That's all for todays blog, Talk to you soon!

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